Gourmet Deli (Alphabetical)

This is not a complete listing of our meats and cheese as we often change our selection based on seasonal availability. If there is a certain cheese or meat you're looking for, don't be shy, ask us!
If we don't have it, we can usually order it for you.


Argentine Reggianito (Argentina)
Asiago (Italy)


Basket Cheese
Bel Paese
Beemster, Aged (Holland)
Beemster with garlic (Holland)
Beemster with mustard (Holland)
Blue Stilton (England)
Bresaola (Italy)
Brie (France)
Butter Cheese (German)


Cacciatore (Italy)
Caciocavallo (Italy)
Calabrese (Italy)
Cambozola Triple Cream (Germany)
Camembert (France)
Cantal (France)
Capocollo (Italy)
Cheddar, with Claret (England)
Cheddar, Mild (England)
Cheddar, Sharp Canadian (England)
Cheddar, with Whiskey (England)
Cheddar, White (England)
Chevre (France)
Chimay Beer Cheese (Belgium)
Chorizo (Spain)
Cotswold (England)


Danish Blue (Holland)
Danish Tilsit (Holland)
Double Gloucester with Stilton (England)


Edam (Holland)
Emmental (France)
Emmentaler (Switzerland)


Farmhouse Sharp Cheddar (England)
Feta, Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
Feta, French (France)
Feta, Greek (Greece)
Fontina, Danish (Holland)
Fontinella (Italy)
Frantal (France)


Goat Cheese, with wine (drunken cheese) (Spain)
Smoked Goat Cheese (Holland)
Gorgonzola (Italy)
Gouda, aged (Holland)
Gouda, red wax (Holland)
Gouda, yellow wax (Holland)
Gouda, smoked (Holland)
Grana Padana (Italy)
Gruyere (Austria)
Gruyere (Switzerland)


Halloumi (Cyprus)
Havarti (with Herbs, Dill, caraway, or plain) (Holland)


Ibores with paprika (Spain)


Jamon Serano (Spain)
Jarelsburg (Sweden)


Kashkaval (Bulgaria)
Kashkaval (Hungry)
Kashkaval (Turkey)
Kasseri (Greece)
Kefalograviera (Greece)
Kefalotyri (Greece)
Kurpianka (Poland)


Leban/Labni (Middle East)(Made in USA)
Limburger (Germany)


Madrigal (France)
Mahon (Spain)
Manchego (Spain)
Manouri (Greece)
Mascarpone (Italy)
Mimolette (France)
Morbier with Ash (France)
Mortadella (Canada)
Mortadella (Italy)
Mortadella (USA)
Mortadella with Pistachio (Italy)
Mozzarella (Italy)
Mozzarella, Buffalo (Italy)
Mozzarella, Fresh (USA)
Mozzarella, Smoked (USA)
Myzithra (Greece)




(Italy) Parmeggiano Reggiano (Italy)
Pastrami (USA)
Pecorino Mugellano (Italy)
Pecorino Romano (Italy)
Pepperjack (USA)
Pepperoni (Italy)
Piavi (Italy)
Podlaski (Poland)
Port Salut (France)
Prosciutto (USA)
Prosciutto De Parma (Italy)
Provolone, Sharp (Italy)
Provolone (USA)


Queso Blanco, many varieties (USA)


Raclette (France)
Raclette (Switzerland)
Rashara Mountain Cheese (Italy)
Reggianito Argentine Parmesan (Argentina)
Ricotta Salata (Italy)
Ricotta (USA)
Roquefort (France)
Rosemary Ham, Italian Style (USA)


Salami, Genoa (Italy)
Salami, Hot and Dry (Italy)
Saint Andre Triple Cream (France)
Smoked turkey
Sopressata (Italy)
Speck (Italy)
Stilton, White, with pear and apple (England)
Stilton, White, with ginger and mango (England)
Stilton, White, with apricot (England)
Stilton, White, with blueberry (England)
Stilton, White, with lemonzest (England)


Taleggio (Italy)
Tamburettodi Di Bosco (Italy)
Tetilla Soft Cheese (Spain)
Tronchon (Spain)




Wensleydale (England)





Don't take our word for it!

"This place makes me so happy. As an immigrant from Egypt, there is so much food I miss. Finding it here not only tickles the taste buds, it adds to the quality of life in general. Vegetables and fruit taste like they're supposed to, not like cardboard. If you previously lived in a larger, more cosmopolitan metropolis and miss the variety of foods you could find at grocery stores there, Mediterranean Imports can help. You can also discover lots of new products to experience. Recommended!"
--J. Moharram

"If you are new to OKC and looking for a great place to stop by lunch at reasonable price - got Med Imports and Deli. This is the best place in North West OKC for cheeses and exotic food from different countries around the Mediterranean. Great Selection, Service at reasonable prices."
--B. Habib

"LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Need I say more?"

"I am currently serving my third tour of Iraq. A friend of mine on facebook asked me where a good place to eat in OKC was. Of course I instantly recommended this restaurant. Unfortunately that made me miss home even more. I could picture my personal favorite the Mediterranean sampler platter and my mouth began to water as I remembered all the different salads. Pasta, olive, cheese and tomato, eggplant and the homemade hummus. So take it from a Soldier that has been separated from his favorite restaurant in OKC for 10 months, with 5 more to go, if you haven't been here yet you need to go immediately."
--K. Meador

"I am a huge fan of this restaraunt. The service is fast and friendly and the food is exceptionally good. I love the selection of different items that they offer and hope they stay in business for a very long time."
-- B White